Caring is our Calling

Access to Care is SpectraCare Health Systems’ call center that serves as the initial point of contact for patients entering into our care or returning to services. Each individual and family are important to us, so we offer our attention to provide appropriate services to each circumstance. Our experienced Access to Care specialists are awaiting each call to connect the community with our unmatched care. Each caller deserves our help, as much as we can provide, nothing less.

The overall goal is to direct patients entering our services or established clients within SpectraCare Health Systems. Our Access to Care specialists can screen patients to determine their needs, schedule appointments, handle hospital or doctor offices referrals and connect callers with appropriate services within the SpectraCare system and the community.

Access to Care services include:

  • Scheduling first-time appointments to initiate services
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Community resource information
  • Connecting individuals to SpectraCare Health Systems’ continuum of Treatment Services
  • Community Services
  • Medical Services offered by our Outpatient Services
  • Child & Adolescent Services
  • Medical Records Department
  • Insurance Verification for applicable services

SpectraCare gives preference in admission to individuals with substance use disorders in the following priority:

  • Pregnant individuals with intravenous (IV) substance use disorders.
  • Pregnant individuals with substance use disorders.
  • All other individuals with IV substance use disorders.
  • Women with substance use disorders and dependent children.
  • All other individuals with substance use disorders.


Our services are available 24/7. For more information Call 800-951-HELP (4357)

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