SpectraCare’s psychiatric team has over 60 years of experience in treating and managing the spectrum of mental illness. Psychiatric services can be accessed on a walk-in basis or by scheduling an appointment. Psychiatric appointments available through telehealth technology ensuring immediate access and reducing travel for our consumers. Our medical team will work with you to find the best combination of therapy, medication management, and psychiatric office visits to ensure you get the care you need.

Primary Medical Physician

SpectraCare and our on staff Primary Healthcare physicians provide medical care to residents within SpectraCare group homes. By utilizing on site medical physicians ensures that our residents receive the best possible treatment. Our physicians work closely with nursing staff to develop a plan of care, order necessary testing, and establish medication regimens.


SpectraCare utilizes Registered Nurses and Licensed Practical Nurses to provide medication monitoring to ensure medication compliance, reduce side effects, and administer injections to address any symptoms related to diagnosis. Nursing staff provide medical care to residents in group homes as well as those in the community. SpectraCare nurses utilize the latest technology to provide the best and most effective medical care.


Telehealth offers a safe and secure video conference system that connects our psychiatric team and consumers providing:

  • Convenient care close to home
  • Innovative technology
  • Improved quality of care
  • Timely access

Electronic Medical Record

Reliable access to complete consumer health information is essential for safe and effective care. Our Electronic Medical Record places accurate and complete information about health and medical history at your physicians’ fingertips. With our Electronic Medical Record physicians can give the best possible care, at the point of care. This can lead to a better consumer experience and, most importantly, better consumer outcomes.

  • Quick access to patient records from inpatient and remote locations for more coordinated, efficient care.
  • Safer, more reliable electronic prescribing on medications.
  • Convenience of e-prescriptions electronically sent to pharmacies.
  • Reduced need to fill out the same forms at each office visit.


GeneSight is a genetic test that looks at many of the genes involved when your body processes certain types of medicines. It is a simple mouth swab that provides your physician information to know which medicines may be a match for your genes. The GeneSight test is a clinically proven, genetic-based decision support tool that can help get patients on the right medication faster. In only 60 days, patients whose treatment was guided by GeneSight experienced 70% greater improvement in depressive symptoms versus standard care.


For additional information about Medical Services, please contact our Access To Care Team at 800-951-HELP(4357).