The Houston County Court Referral Program assists both the municipal and the circuit courts with managing drug and/or alcohol related cases. Court Referral Officers evaluate, refer, monitor, and provide drug screening services for defendants in Houston County.

The court referral program serves the courts, and court referral officers are officials of the court. The primary goal of the court referral program is to make recommendations to the court for each defendant. While providing case management, Court Referral Officers provide information about how to access local resources that may aid in treatment and recovery.

With the implementation of the Mandatory Treatment Act of 1990, the court referral program is used in conjunction with court orders and does not replace judicial sanctions. The Houston County Court Referral Program is located at 191 South Oates St., in Dothan, AL.

Psycho education is made available through the court referral program at the discretion of circuit and municipal courts. Anger Management and the Theft Alternative Program are offered for defendants who may have had an offense related to a loss of self control or theft. Often these offenses also involved drugs or alcohol. Anger Management and Theft Alternative classes are held either on Saturdays or during evening hours. Questions about class schedules or enrollment should be directed to Access To Care by calling 1-800-951-HELP (4357).