Developmental Disability Services

SpectraCare provides several Developmental Disability Services including: Day Habilitation Services, Prevocational Habilitation Services, Support Employment Services, Residential Habilitation Services, Support Services, and Case Management Services. Learn more about our Developmental Disability Services >>

Medical Services

SpectraCare offers an Intermediate Care Program, group homes, Co-Occurring, and Outpatient Services. Each of the locations specialize in programs and services that best fit the needs for consumers. Learn more about our Medical Services >>

Behavioral Health Services

SpectraCare offers a broad range of services in an outpatient setting. Services include, but are not limited to: intake, diagnostic testing, individual, group, and family therapy, pre-hospitalization, court screening, physician assessment and treatment, medication administration, medication monitoring, basic living skills, family support, and in-home intervention. Learn more about our Behavioral Health Services >>

Community Services

SpectraCare’s Prevention Services include: Alcohol and Drug Prevention Education, The Coalition for a Drug Free Dale County, The Coalition for a Drug Free Geneva County, Baby Think It Overâ„¢, Houston County Truancy Prevention Project, Tobacco Prevention Projects, Violence and Bullying Prevention, Parenting Programs, and Coping and Life Skills Education. Learn more about our Community Services >>

Child & Adolescent Services

The goal of Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services is to ensure that children and adolescents, both general and special education, enrolled in local school systems, have access to high quality mental health prevention, early intervention, and treatment services. Learn more about our Child & Adolescent Services >>